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Get to know your your Burnaby school board candidates: Rocky Dong

'I have 20 years education field working experience. I would like to bring my expertise, professionalism and passion to the education board.'
Rocky Dong (independent) is running for Burnaby school board this October.

Name and pronouns?

Rocky Dong (he/him)

Tell us about yourself: (max. 100 words)

I have 20 years education field working experience in Canada.

I was the instructor for computer programming and networking and the director of international department in the public and private schools.

I introduce international students to Canadian schools since 2008 and help students plan and apply for universities.

I facilitate Canadian schools and the overseas schools to communicate, visit each other and build the joint programs.

I have the bachelor degree in computer science and am the Cisco CCNA and CCNP engineer and Microsoft MCSE engineer.

I am married and my children are born, raised and educated in Burnaby.

Why are you running for school board? (max. 50 words)

I have 20 years education field working experience. I would like to bring my expertise, professionalism and passion to the education board.

Some of the parents reflected to me that their interests are underrepresented and their voice are not heard in school board. I will run for them.

What do you think the current school board has done well? Where has it missed the mark? (max. 50 words)

Most of the incumbent school trustees are from the same elector organization, which some Burnaby residents feel it is less democratic practice.

The school board needs the different voices to realize check and balance, and it also needs the real educators on the board.

What are the top three issues facing the next school board? (max. 50 words)

Safe issues : Covid is still a problem for the students’ health. Bullying and substance abuse are not rare

Shortage of high tech programs: such as AI and Chip program; high demanding programs are limited to a certain school, such as Digipen Game program

Our students are lack of international perspective

How do you plan to address those issues? (max. 150 words)

I will propose the schools still encourage the students’ wearing the mask, disinfecting the hands frequently and exercising to improve their immune system.

I will advocate on and off campus safety awareness. I will propose the parents, the schools and the school board to work together to come up with a plan to educate and protect our children from bullying and alcohol, smoke and drugs etc.

I will propose to add AI and Chip programs to foster top talents for Canada’s high-tech industries and add the high demanding programs such as Digipen Game program to other schools.

I will propose peer-to-peer after-school program in order to let our students move forward together

I will propose exchange and visiting programs domestically and internationally to make our students to have open, broad and international perspective and give them the edge for the future competition at world arena.

And just for fun: If you got to spend one full day in school again, what grade would you return to and why? (max. 25 words)

I would like go to grade k because I have the most sweet and beautiful memory for my daughter when she was in grade k.

Where can voters find out more about you? (e.g. social media, website)

Twitter: @Rocky4Canada





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