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B.C. couple returns home from vacation to find a goat had moved in

Gordo is now at a goat sanctuary.

A Prince George couple was surprised to see someone had moved into their home while on vacation in Mexico — a goat.

Jon Blanchard and his wife Tanya Mould landed in Edmonton and drove through the night, finally arriving home at about 9 a.m. on March 23. 

His wife went to grab something on the property when she heard a noise. Realizing they weren’t alone, she shouted for her husband.

“She was like, ‘Oh my God, something just licked the window,” Blanchard recalls. 

Mould bravely opened the door and the culprit appeared.

"I was just sitting here on the couch relaxing,” says Blanchard. "And she goes, 'Johnny, there's a goat out there!’” 

The couple discovered not only a goat but that it had moved in and made a very big mess. 

"It knocked over golf clubs, knocked over tables, knocked over Christmas decorations, knocked over tools, and then it pooped and peed everywhere,” he says. “It was its house.”

Not sure what to do, the pair posted on social media hoping someone’s goat got loose. But no one came forward.

“It's a weird problem to have,” he tells Glacier Media. 

Even after opening the door to let the goat run free, it stayed put. The couple named the goat Gordo and even found it some food. After two days, they decided to look for help to remove it.

“He’s at a goat sanctuary,” says Blanchard. “He’s gone to a person who has a goat farm that keeps goats as pets and apparently he fits right in. Loves it.” 

Blanchard hopes this was the first and last goat visit.

"I think he really likes the sanctuary and it's quite a ways for us,” he says.