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BC SPCA needs the public's help to fund a surgery for injured kitty

The leg amputation is estimated to cost $1,500
Hero the cat needs a leg amputation.
The BC SPCA needs the public's help after a stray kitty lost its leg after it was found with a 'tightly bound bandage' around his front leg.

A Good Samaritan brought in Hero the cat to the BC SPCA in Quesnel after he was found roaming their yard wearing what appeared to be a cast or a bandage on his front leg.

The shelter says the bandage was tied so tightly around his leg with a purple elastic hair tie that it had worn through the flesh and was rubbing directly on the exposed bone. As a result, the young cat’s leg was in an advanced state of necrosis.

“We are not sure why the band was placed around the kitten’s leg,” says Quesnel BC SPCA manager Colby O'Flynn. “Whatever the case might be, the elastic tie caused the kitten long-term suffering and the loss of use and function of the leg.”

Hero was given medication to help with his discomfort and will require surgery to amputate his front leg. The little kitty will spend four to six weeks post-surgery with a foster before he’s ready to be adopted.

The total cost of his care is estimated to be $1500.

Despite all he’s been through, O’Flynn calls Hero “very friendly” and notes he’s “very comfortable” around people.

“Hero is a sweetheart. So affectionate and talkative,” she says. “He doesn’t let his leg slow him down for one minute. He still manages to run, jump and climb. We can only imagine how happy he will be after his surgery and he can start his new 3-legged life in a forever home.”