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New Vancouver reality show follows 'controversial' Asian luxury realtor

The minds behind the upcoming docu-reality series also created the show 'Ultra Rich Asian Girls'

Move over rich housewives, a new show is in the works about Vancouver's wealthiest realtors.

From the producers of HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls comes Agent Unbreakable, a docu-reality series about the controversial real estate agent Layla Yang. According to a release, the show will follow Yang and her efforts to maintain control over a group of young, luxury-seeking agents at her company: Dracco Pacific Realty. 

Yang is described as 'controversial' in the release but with no mention of how in 2016 she was embroiled in a possible defamation suit against an unnamed source in a Globe and Mail story who accused her of threatening him with Chinese mob retaliation. Or how in 2017 the CBC reported Yang's sale of a farm in Richmond went for $9.2 million, more than 100 times its assessed value. 

The release states the new online show is intended to challenge the lack of Asian representation in Canadian television and, with the release of the show's trailer, let Canadian broadcasters know of the potential stories ethnic Canadians have to offer.  

“Indo-Canadians and Chinese Canadians are the top two visible minorities in Canada and currently mainstream broadcasters have failed to represent this demographic in a meaningful way,"  wrote Kevin Li, creator of Agent Unbreakable. "I would call this modern day exclusion.”

There is a reason why viewers are moving towards services like Netflix. People are choosing to watch diverse shows like Bling Empire, Always Be My Maybe, Warrior and Master of None, all of which are contemporary shows with a large Asian cast.”

Agent Unbreakable's trailer begins with Yang saying "The only language you need to know is money!" while holding a tablet displaying the cover of Donald Trump's business advice book Trump: The Art of the Deal

The trailer then describes Yang's rise to the top of Vancouver's real estate scene starting as a flight attendant 10 years ago. Since then she worked her way to making her own real estate company, Dracco Pacific Realty. Today the real estate company sells more than 150 million dollars of Vancouver's most luxurious housing annually.

Of the 40 agents that work for Dracco Pacific Realty, Agent Unbreakable stars five agents aside from Yang herself: Edward Zhang, Shane Xiao, Anzhelika Devaikina, Kevin Gurniak, and Eric Kalsi.