Moms helping moms: Burnaby Facebook group crowdfunds to help families in need

For the second year, the Burnaby Mommy Group is launching a hamper program

The  Burnaby Mommy Group on Facebook is all about moms helping moms.

And its members really put that ethos into practice during the holiday season when they raise funds to help each other out.

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For the second year in a row, the group’s administrator, Jodelene Weir, is organizing a hamper project aimed at getting items and gift cards into the hands of the members who most need it. 

Last year, the group raised $3,000 on GoFundMe and was able to give $200 Walmart gift cards to 12 families (the website takes a cut of the proceeds). This year, Weir hopes to raise $6,000 to help 20 families. 

All of the moms – most of whom are based in Burnaby, with two in Vancouver and two in Surrey – have been chosen and vetted, Weir said.

“The money is going back into our local community,” Weir said.

The group’s members help one another year-round, Weir said. Whether it’s parenting advice, help connecting to government services or just a casual place for conversation, the group is a supportive place for mothers of all backgrounds and living situations, she said.

Members also occasionally help bring groceries to one another when they need it, Weir said.

“So they have this huge community of support,” she said. “Anything you need, you can get.”

And it’s growing. The Mommy Group has swelled from 2,400 to 3,400 members in the last year, according to Weir. 

So when November rolled around and Weir wasn’t sure whether she wanted to organize another hamper program, it was the members who convinced her to not only repeat the effort but aim to help even more people.

She said she received multiple messages and posts from people both in need of help and wanting to help. 

Volunteers have stepped up to help organize the hamper and drive, she said. 

“There's a lot of people involved just to make this happen and they're all members of the same group,” Weir said. 

Those wishing to help can donate here.

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