The Wildlife Rescue Association says this bird’s injuries could have been prevented

A belted kingfisher is recovering from a head injury after crashing into a window last month – an injury that was preventable, according to the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C.

The belted kingfisher was brought from Bowen Island to the Burnaby-based rescue association after flying into a window on Nov. 18. The bird sustained central nervous system trauma and a lesion to its right eye. This caused swelling and made it hard for the bird to stand. Its feathers were also damaged, which has interfered with waterproofing, according to a press release.

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The association says the kingfisher’s injuries could have been prevented if a few safety precautions had been taken.

“The public can help all birds avoid striking windows by applying these easy steps: put decals on windows on the outside of the window; move plants, feeders and bird baths away from the house and windows; and close blinds when you’re not at home,” read the release.

The rescued kingfisher, meanwhile, is still in the care of the association.

Technicians have been force feeding the bird to help it regain its strength. They’ve also been misting the bird to encourage it to preen its damages feathers, according to the release.

“She is recovering well in our pre-release enclosure, gaining weight and flying; her flight improves every day,” Janelle Stephenson, wildlife hospital manager, said in the release.

Staff expect the kingfisher to make a full recovery and will be released back into the wild once the bird is ready.

Belted kingfishers are widespread around waters that have an abundant fish populations. They feed on small fish and hunt by diving into the water.

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