This injured belted Kingfisher has been released back into the wild

A belted kingfisher that sustained a head injury after crashing into a window in November is back home in the wilds of Bowen Island.

The injured bird was found on Nov. 18 by Kirsten Degner and her daughter Chloe. The bird sustained central nervous system trauma causing swelling and making it hard for the bird to stand. Its feathers were also damaged, which has interfered with waterproofing, according to a press release from the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C.

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Degner and her daughter brought the bird to the Burnaby-based rescue association where it was cared for by staff, according to the release.

The association said the kingfisher’s injuries could have been prevented if a few safety precautions had been taken, including putting decals on the outside of the window; moving plants, feeders and bird baths away from homes and windows; and closing blinds when no one is home.

Luckily for this bird, it was able to make a full recovery.

On Dec. 19, rescue staff joined Degner and her daughter on Bowen Island to release the belted kingfisher back into the wild.

Belted kingfishers are widespread around waters that have an abundant fish populations. They feed on small fish and hunt by diving into the water.

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