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Canucks fans cheering and spending big at restaurants during playoffs, says report

Data from Moneris shows significant increase in spending near Rogers Arena during home and away games
Spending at restaurants near Rogers Arena increased during the first round of the NHL playoffs, according to a new report from Moneris.

Vancouver Canucks fans are proving their devotion throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs with a hearty mix of cheers and spending.

Data from payments processor Moneris reveals Vancouver establishments around Rogers Arena saw a significant spending boost during the first round of the NHL playoffs.

Game one against the Nashville Predators saw spending at restaurants around the arena jump 72 per cent and eight per cent across the city on Sunday, April 21.

By the time the work week rolled around for game two of the series on Tuesday, April 23, spending at restaurants increased 52 per cent near the arena and 10 per cent across the city.

Rogers Arena opened its doors to fan viewing events as the Canucks played in Nashville in late April and early May, resulting in a 37-per-cent spending increase at restaurants near the arena for game four. The game three viewing party on April 26 wasn’t quite the same boon for restaurants, with spending near the arena increasing only five per cent.

Despite the game five (April 30) loss at home, restaurant spending was up 58 per cent near Rogers Arena.

Spending was up 20 per cent near Rogers Arena for the game six series-clincher (May 3) in Nashville. The puck dropped for game six while many people were still at work at 4:30 p.m. on a Friday.

 “Canucks fans may cherish round one due to the longer wait since Vancouver’s last participation,” Moneris said in a release.

While the Canucks made the playoffs in 2020, no home games were played in Vancouver due to pandemic restrictions that saw players face off in Edmonton throughout the duration.

Prior to the Nashville series, the Canucks had not played a home playoff game since 2015.

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