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Liberals promise infrastructure money for New Westminster

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Sasha Ramnarine, the Liberal candidate for New Westminster-Burnaby, is pitching the Liberal party plan to local voters. Ramnarine is promising $6 billion for public transit over the next four years, funding for “social infrastructure” (that supports things like affordable housing, seniors’ facilities and child care), and help building housing units, all points from the Liberals platform.

When asked what elements of the platform would benefit New Westminster in particular, Ramnarine highlighted infrastructure investments.

“One of the key things about this plan is giving money to cities,” Ramnarine said. Cities like New West and Burnaby would have federal money to invest in “whatever needs they see fit,” Ramnarine explained.

One of those projects he would like to focus on is fixing or replacing the Pattullo Bridge.

“The bridge gets a lot of traffic. Obviously we want to work with the municipalities, ... to obviously build a bridge to ease traffic congestion in that area,” he said. “First and foremost, it’s doing something the Conservative party has not done, sitting down with the municipality and the province, making this investment happen.”

Ramnarine also stressed the need for more affordable rental units in the city and said the Liberal party would invest in programs that support affordable housing or give infrastructure funds to cities.

“Having more rental units contributes to more affordable housing,” he said.

Last candidate announced

The Greens have announced their final candidate, completing the slates for all four major parties in Burnaby and New Westminster. Kyle Routledge, a wildlife biologist, got involved in politics because he wants the federal government to take climate change seriously.

“You can sit on the sidelines and complain all you want or you can get involved and try to do something, and I chose to get involved,” he told the NOW.

When asked what his three main issues are, Routledge said tackling climate change, opposing the coal exports at the Surrey Fraser Docks and investing in renewable energy sources. Routledge is running in New Westminster-Burnaby, and this is his first foray into politics. The 29-year-old lives in the riding, in downtown New Westminster. As a wildlife biologist, Routledge does environmental assessments for industrial development projects.

Offices opening in New Westminster-Burnaby

Peter Julian, the NDP incumbent running in New Westminster-Burnaby, has an office at 1192 Eighth Ave. Sasha Ramnarine’s office is at 728 Twelfth Street in New Westminster, and he’s holding an opening celebration on Sunday, Aug. 30, from 1 to 4 p.m. Tory candidate Chloe Ellis is opening her office soon, but her campaign staff did not give us the address. Kyle Routledge, running for the Greens,  won’t be opening an office, but people can email queries to

All candidates meetings?

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