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Opinion: This is how you can snitch on Burnaby candidates if they violate new sign rules

New rules are now in effect in Burnaby. Let's make sure candidates follow them.
jay shin
Jay Shin is running in Burnaby South. The use of this photo is not meant to imply anything negative about how his campaign uses signs. Jay Shin photo

One of the annoying side effects of any election campaign is our beautiful Burnaby community being inundated with campaign signs.

In my experience, civic campaigns are worse than federal or provincial campaigns for signage because many civic candidates are new to politics and don’t understand the rules.

But we’ll see how it goes now that the federal election has started.

To deal with these signs, the City of Burnaby has introduced new rules to “ensure temporary signs come down in a timely fashion following an election,” says a news release. “Temporary Election Signs are permitted to go up when the election period begins, but must come down within four days after voting day. The changes are just one of several aimed at effectively managing temporary signs in Burnaby. People who place signs on vacant properties without the consent of the owner will now face a fine of $300 and will have their signs removed. In the case of properties without an inhabited building, signed consent from the owner is required upon request from the City. New penalties of up to $500 were also introduced for parties or candidates who place signs on public property, and in areas which might create traffic hazards.”

To keep candidates in line, I am urging the public to rat out any one of them – even if you’re a supporter. Rules are rules. Ensure they follow them.

To report an election sign for bylaw enforcement, please complete the online form  or phone 604-294-7388.