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B.C. Boxing Day double-stabbing accused get bail

Sheldon Cefre Ilbegi-Asli's bail conditions include attending an addiction treatment facility and counselling.
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The charges stem from a Facebook Marketplace exchange in Olympic Village on Dec. 26, 2023.

A Vancouver man facing two charges of assault with a weapon from a Boxing Day double stabbing in Olympic Village was released on bail to a treatment facility Jan. 16.

Sheldon Cefre Ilbegi-Asli, 21, appeared before Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Gregory Rideout for the continuation of a bail hearing. The details of such appearances are covered by a publication ban.

As lawyers and Rideout discussed the case, Ilbegi-Asli, clad in red police custody sweats, looked on via video, occasionally answering questions as his mother watched from the gallery. She had no comment on the hearing.

Ilbegi-Asli is also charged with robbery.

He was charged after two Good Samaritans received stab wounds after witnessing an alleged robbery, according to Vancouver police. 

The incident began around 7:40 p.m. when two people agreed to meet in Olympic Village to conduct a Facebook Marketplace exchange. The seller, a 36-year-old from Vancouver, believed he was meeting a legitimate buyer. The transaction turned violent when the supposed buyer deployed pepper spray and tried to flee without paying for the item.

That’s when a number of witnesses stepped up, chased the suspect down, and subdued him until VPD officers arrived.

VPD Sgt. Steve Addison said the injured witnesses were making food deliveries at the time, when they overhead someone calling for help and saw the suspect attempting to flee into a nearby taxi.

He said the Good Samaritans prevented the man from getting in the cab, and with help from a third bystander, they gave chase and held him down until VPD officers arrived with handcuffs.

One food-delivery worker was stabbed in the hand, and the other was stabbed in the shoulder while attempting to stop the suspect from fleeing. Both men were treated at hospital.

Rideout went through the bail conditions carefully with Ilbegi-Asli.

He will be going to the Vision Quest treatment facility and must also take counselling through provincial forensic psychiatric services.

He must abstain from all alcohol and drugs and obey any facility curfews. He is banned from possessing weapons.

If he leaves or is asked to leave, he must inform his bail supervisor.

Anyone meeting up to make a sale is encouraged to use the VPD’s Safe Exchange Location, located outside VPD headquarters at 2120 Cambie St.

The area is well-lit and includes video surveillance for increased safety.