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Grand Forks woman has a unique helper around her farm — a shovelling donkey

Lobo isn't your average donkey

For some people, the first snowfall can come as a shock, especially if it has to be shovelled.

Lorraine O'Connor of Grand Forks came up with a unique snow-shovelling solution after they received about 15 centimetres of the white stuff last week.

O'Connor shared a short video with Castanet, which shows her donkey with a shovel in his mouth, shovelling part of the barnyard.

"I have him harness-broke and he pulls an Otter sled, helping to clean barns or haul bales to the cows," O'Connor tells Castanet.

The donkey is named Lobo and O'Connor says he loves to help around the farm.

"He would love to help me with anything. Problem is, we don't agree on how things should be done. But he loves to be a part of the chores," she says.

O'Connor has had Lobo for 10 years. Now that she's retired, she says she spends lots of time with him.

"I think the neighbours get a kick out of watching us."