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Massive drug lab busted in Lower Mainland, more than 25 kg of fentanyl seized

RCMP officers seized over 2.5 million street doses of fentanyl.
Mission RCMP raided a fentanyl lab finding more than 25 kg of the illicit drug.

Gunshots in a rural area of the Lower Mainland led RCMP officers to a large fentanyl lab.

The gunshots were reported to Mission RCMP on Oct. 27 in the 12700-block of Steave Lake Road in the Hatzic Valley, northeast of Mission. Officers investigated the report and found bullet casings, but no people, at the property, according to a press release.

However, while investigating, they discovered "a clandestine drug lab."

After getting a search warrant, police returned to investigate the scene.

"Investigators determined that the property housed a large-scale operating fentanyl lab, housed inside a storage building and several shipping containers," state police.

At the lab, officers found 25 kg of pure fentanyl. Around 2 mg can be a lethal dose, depending on body size and other factors.

In addition to the 25 kg of fentanyl in pure form, police found another 3 kg of fentanyl cut for distribution.

"It is estimated that the product seized would have equated to over 2.5 million street doses of fentanyl," said police.

Material and gear to make more fentanyl was also discovered.

“The seizure of this fentanyl, and the dismantling of this drug lab to prevent further production, will have a significant impact on the people that profit from the harm this drug causes in our communities,” RCMP Insp. Ted Lewko said in the release.

No charges have been laid at this time.