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Vancouver restaurant ordered closed for a week for serving minor alcohol

B.C.'s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch found The Greek Gastown served a Corona to a minor without requesting identification.
Serving a minor beer has led to a Vancouver restaurant being ordered closed for a week.

B.C.’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch has ordered the closure of a Vancouver restaurant for a week after finding it sold alcohol to a minor last July.

A branch Jan. 25 decision ordered the closure of The Greek Gastown on Vancouver’s Carrall Street instead of a $7,000 fine.

An inspector testified she and a second inspector, together with two minor agents, went to the restaurant, branch director’s delegate Dianne Flood’s decision said.

The minors were directed to enter and to ask to be seated at a table on the outdoor patio. A hostess/server seated them as they requested.

The inspector then positioned herself immediately outside the patio area beside the table so she could see the minors at all times.

A server provided water and menus to the minors, one of the whom ordered a Corona. The beer was delivered and no identification was requested.

The inspector then joined the minors and took photographs of the Corona. It was then paid for and the three left the restaurant.

The second inspector stayed in the restaurant and advised a manager of the contravention. She photographed the server’s serving it right certificate. She also photographed the manager’s certificate, which had expired Dec. 23, 2022.

The company’s director of operations testified that staff are trained that if a customer cannot produce identification, they are not to be served liquor. 

That director said the server had recently arrived from Montreal.

And, testified the regional manager, she thought the laws in other provinces, like Quebec, are more relaxed about the service of liquor. A bar manager testified to having a similar attitude.

The company said it does its due diligence in asking for identification.

It said new servers are given very clear instructions to identify anyone who looks to be under 30 years old.

The decision did not give specific dates for the closure. A spokesperson for the restaurant told Glacier Media in an email Tuesday the business is currently open and will be celebrating its fifth anniversary on Feb. 1.