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Vancouver has received 227% of the snowfall it typically receives. Is more to come?

Will we see more snow in the second half of winter?

While there aren't any signs of recent snowfall in Metro Vancouver, a couple of potent winter storms created chaos over the holidays. 

If you feel like there's been more snowfall than usual this winter, that's because there's been over double the typical amount. 

At the halfway mark of winter, Vancouver has the second-highest percentage of its usual amount of snowfall for any city in Canada, according to a new report from The Weather Network.

Of course, B.C.'s largest city hasn't received the highest total amount of snowfall; it is generally too warm here to receive a great deal of the white stuff. 

Canada's capital city, Ottawa, received the highest amount of snowfall of any one of the country's major metropolitan centres, with 137 cm. That figure is about 127 per cent of what it typically is at the halfway mark.

Montreal isn't far behind, however, with 108 cm of snow falling on the Quebec city at the halfway mark of the season. This is 120 per cent of the amount it receives at this time.

Metro Vancouver weather forecast

B.C.'s capital city, Victoria, didn't make the top four cities for total snowfall amounts. But it did have the country's highest amount above what it typically receives at this midway mark. 

Victoria has received 284 per cent of the snow it usually does by this juncture of the season, with 54 cm of accumulation. Vancouver wasn't far behind, receiving 277 per cent of the snowfall it usually does. The amount of snowfall was the same, however, at 54 cm. 

While  Environment Canada calls for a great deal of sunshine over the next several days, there is still a chance for some more snowfall and subzero temperatures in the Lower Mainland this winter.

The Weather Network says La Niña may shift colder air west in late January, which is "historically the coolest time of the year over the next several weeks."

Photo via The Weather Network