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Looking ahead to the apple harvest

Sunrise apples usually available starting in early August each year

In another few weeks, the first of this year's apples will be available in B.C.

Though most varieties are harvested in the fall months, the Sunrise variety of apple makes its appearance in August.

Described by the B.C. Tree Fruits organization as the perfect blend of sweet and tart, Sunrise apples are sometimes called "summer apples" because they are one of the first varieties to be available each year.

Though today's consumer has access to a huge variety of global produce throughout the year, a commitment to supporting local producers can be made all year round with just a little effort.

As the apple harvest continues from August through the coming months, now is a good time to consider a time-tested way to be able to enjoy B.C. fruit all year round: canning.

Canning is an economical and simple way to continue eating apples when the supply at your local store runs out.

And though it may sound old-fashioned, it's a trend on the rise.

Canning is popular with top restaurant chefs and home cooks who are committed to supporting the 'eat-local' philosophy.

Canning remains a great way to reap the bounty of the season even though modern conveniences have made preserving food a fun choice rather than a necessity.

Home canning isn't difficult to learn, but it is important to follow safety guidelines.

For a collection of recipes for apples and other fruits, see, and click on the "Recipes" tab.

In addition to being one of the largest apple shippers in North America, B.C. Tree Fruits markets a number of fresh tree fruits including pears, cherries, apricots, peaches, prune plums and nectarines. The organization also markets and distributes other B.C.-grown fruit including table grapes and blueberries.