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Passing on a lifelong passion for juggling

Professional juggler running adult teaching classes at a local elementary school

Ever looked at a juggler and wondered if you could do that?

Well, here's a way to find out. A juggler from the U.K. is holding adult juggling classes in Burnaby.

Damian Trasler, a semi-professional juggler says juggling looks more difficult than it actually is.

"Juggling looks more complicated than it is. But juggling, especially three-ball juggling, is easy," said Trasler. "The first 10 minutes is the hardest."

This winter, Trasler taught Stoney Creek students how to juggle, along with some other circus tricks at their school.

Because the workshops with the students went so well, the school agreed to let Trasler offer workshops for adults in the school library.

The workshops will teach people various circus tricks, including juggling, spinning plates and diablos, often referred to as the Chinese yo-yo.

According to Trasler, juggling can increase hand-eye coordination and upper body strength. It's also an excellent way to relax and socialize with others by attending conventions, he added.

Trasler first became intrigued by juggling after watching a TV program growing up in the U.K. He taught himself how to juggle three balls in a week. In college, he got involved in a production involving juggling. Before long, he and his partners were juggling on TV and the radio.

From there, he found himself running workshops and teaching people how to juggle.

"It's fun to watch other people learn to juggle," he said. "Although learning can be frustrating at first, it quickly becomes a relaxing hobby, and there is no end to the tricks you can learn, even if you only stick with three balls."

The adult juggling classes start Jan. 24 at the Stoney Creek Community School library.

The classes will be held once a week for six weeks at 7 p.m. They are open for anyone in the community to attend, and classes for the entire six-week program will cost between $35 to $40.

For more information, visit dtrasler. com or call 778-989-0092.

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