Hot all-tempura restaurant chain opening Burnaby location

Tendon Kohaku, a Singapore-based chain focused on Japanese tempura dishes, is set to open a location in Burnaby, as well as Vancouver.

The franchise venture is moving in at the ground level of the Robson Court building at 840 Howe Street, at the corner of Robson and Howe, and hoarding is up on the windows.

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Tempura is one of the increasingly popular branches of Japanese fast-casual food. Earlier this year, the Japanese tempura franchise Hannosuke opened its first location in Vancouver.

In addition to their multiple locations in Singapore, Tendon Kohaku operates in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Their strategy is to begin by promoting Japanese-style tempura rice bowls, featuring Japanese rice, signature sauces, and freshly fried ingredients, and to elevate the popularity of the dish globally. The brand launched in 2016.

According to a global franchising portal site, the name “Kohaku” means “amber” and "like an amber gem shining mysterious with plant inclusions, fresh ingredients are dipped in the golden batter and fried to an amber perfection to satisfy their customer’s palates."

Tendon Kohaku's signature dish is tiger prawn, chicken breast, shiitake mushroom, crabstick, squid, baby corn, green beans and pumpkin, all tempura fried, and served on rice with your choice of regular or spicy house sauce. 

Along with plans to launch in downtown Vancouver, Tendon Kohaku also has been listed as a planned tenant for Station Square in Burnaby.

We'll offer updates on these two pending ventures when more info is available. In the meantime, check out some pics of what people are eating at Tendon Kohaku locations elsewhere around the globe.



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