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Burnaby just got its first great street food joint with this insane menu

Decadent hot dogs in Brentwood

If you haven’t travelled much then you likely haven’t had a chance to sample the various types of street foods this world has to offer.

When I travel, I always sample the local street food vendors as much as I do the fancier restaurants. There is something special about eating a nice and hot meal while wandering around a city.

You can get that experience now with Burnaby’s first great street food restaurant as a Japadog franchise has now opened in the Tables food court at the Amazing Brentwood.

I first tried Japadog when I worked in Vancouver and there was a food truck set up near the office in the Olympic Village. Japadog is exactly that – Japanese-style hot dogs that use premium ingredients and a variety of Asian sauces like miso, plus some amazing flavoured fried potatoes.

Let’s start with the meats, which include wagyu and kobe beef, pork cutlet, plus different types of sausages like turkey, shrimp, arabiki and more. Or you can ditch the meat and get an ebi tempura prawn as your base.

Then you can add all sorts of ingredients like yakisoba noodles, cabbage, bonito flakes, seaweed, grated radishes and then all the regular stuff like onions and avocado.

Then you just decide on a sauce – make is sweet, spicy or savoury.

For dessert, I love the deep fried bun filled with scoops of ice cream.

Japadog is ridiculously decadent.


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The company is a true success story, starting with one mobile cart and expanding into brick-and-mortar restaurants that have spread into the U.S.

“The history of JAPADOG started with an ambitious Japanese couple with limited funds moving from Japan to Canada with a dream of creating a world famous food stand,” says the company. “Nothing came easily but the hot dog stand was eventually ready for operation on the streets of Vancouver. Once the stand opened we faced many challenges, especially with the language barrier and working the stands on my own. I can still vividly remember dealing with the cold winter mornings and nights. However, despite all the obstacles JAPADOG slowly started to get noticed by the public.”