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Burnaby’s best ‘comfort food’ also has city’s biggest breakfasts. Wowza!

Want good food and a lot of it?

I’ve written before about Anton’s Pasta and how the Burnaby Heights restaurant has the city’s biggest portions.

Well, there’s another restaurant on the other side of the city that gives Anton’s a run for their money. It certainly has the biggest breakfast portions I’ve ever seen at any restaurant in Burnaby.

I mean, the Fraser Park Restaurant on Byrne Road in South Burnaby is a hidden gem that has a very loyal customer base who love their down-home cooking and huge helpings.

And they call it all ‘comfort food’ – the perfect description.

I can’t say I disagree. The place was started in 1997 by Anton and Sylvia Heggen, who clearly put a lot of love into their cooking.

Take, for example, the German breakfast, which is three eggs scrambled with sauteed peppers, onions and cheese. Comes with handmade hash browns, sausage, bacon, ham, potato pancake and your choice of toast. German Deluxe (add schnitzel and gravy).

Good lord this is a huge breakfast. Unlock your hollow leg to consume it all.

Fraser Park is a breakfast and lunch spot that’s open until 2 p.m. each day (closed Sundays).

It specializes in breakfasts, but also has fresh soups, sandwiches and burgers, including vegetarian options.

My partner often complains about how local fine dining restaurants cost a lot and don’t give you much food.

That’s why she loves places like Fraser Park. They are restaurants that offer good home cooking for a fair price and you don’t feel hungry when you get home.

I don’t really feel hungry for the rest of the day after a Fraser Park meal (especially the ginormous sausage sampler). Or maybe even the day after.

I think the best part is how much love the regular customers have for the owners and the staff. You can really feel it.

So, sure, load up on Anton’s huge tray of pasta, but don’t forget where to get the biggest breakfast in town.

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