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Science World is going to the dogs (and cats)

Cats & Dogs exhibit starts Sunday
dogs and cats
Cats & Dog at Science World at the TELUS World of Science runs Sept. 22 until Jan. 5. Photo iStock

Calling all canine and feline aficionados!

Science World will host the Cats & Dogs exhibition, the first large-scale event dedicated to these animals.

The event aims to empower animal enthusiasts with knowledge about their furry best friends and allow them to explore the relationships between humans and animals and examine the role dogs and cats play in our culture and imagination.

Visitors will also discover the wide range of canine and feline body shapes, as well as observe their characteristics and be able to compare their own physical skills with the animals’ skills. In addition, guests will gain perspective on the cognitive and sensory world of cats and dogs in an immersive environment that disturbs their bearings as humans. The sensory overload will convey how our pets have a completely different perception of the world around them.

Some cool animal facts guests will learn at the event include:

  • Cats and dogs communicate through olfactory, tactile, vocal, visual and even body signals; these animals are surprisingly talkative for creatures that cannot speak!
  • Cats and dogs CAN get along with one another
  • Small dogs are NOT the most vicious dogs
  • Unfortunately, cats do NOT always land on their feet
  • A couple of unneutered cats can create more than 15,000 descendants in only five years

The event runs from Sept. 22 until Jan. 5.

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