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The absolute biggest meal you can find in Burnaby has reopened

Looking for more food for your buck?
uncle willys
Uncle Willy's buffet restaurant gives you a little bit of everything.

I’ve written a lot about how Anton’s Pasta on Hastings in Burnaby offers the biggest portions in the city.

That remains true.

But for the absolute biggest meal to be found in Burnaby, you’ll have to go to Metrotown.

That’s where Uncle Willy’s has reopened after being closed for many months due to COVID-19 restrictions. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet - something that is trickier to offer considering how skittish people are about coronavirus. But with plexiglass installed and staff that will put your plate together, Uncle Willy’s is back in action.

I used to go to Uncle Willy’s with my grandma and was always excited to pile so many different types of food onto one plate.

There’s loads of Western food items like chicken, carved roast beef, seafood and salads. But they also offer food items from around the world, such as tandoori chicken and wontons that are made by in-house staff.

There's also a dessert station where you can mix and match your flavours.

Uncle Willy’s has also put together a number of daily takeout specials for those still not ready to do in-person dining.

No, it’s not fine dining, but it is great for a group that have different tastes as well as people looking for a food bargain. My grandma loved the comfort food items and knowing she could piece together exactly what she wanted because other restaurants often included items she just didn’t want. (I know, she could be a handful.)

It's also nice to find a place where you actually come out feeling stuffed for a fair price.

Some might argue about if it’s truly the biggest meal in Burnaby. There are several hot pot restaurants that offer all-you-can-eat options, but the size of the Uncle Willy’s buffet dwarfs ordering an extra tray of meats for your hot pot so I’ll stand by this.

This local business has been around since 1986 and it’s nice to see it thriving again during such a rough time for restaurants.

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