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Burnaby high schooler to showcase dance crew's groove at Canada’s Got Talent finale

On Tuesday, May 17, Burnaby South Secondary School student Shamira Alberts will perform with her hip-hop dance crew in the Canada’s Got Talent season finale.
Burnaby South Secondary student Shamira Alberts (fourth from right), a member of Vancouver-based hip-hop dance group GRVMNT, will perform in the Canada's Got Talent finale on Tuesday, May 17 at 5 p.m.

Look out, Canada – Burnaby high schooler Shamira Alberts and her hip-hop group will dance up a storm on Tuesday, May 17 at the Canada’s Got Talent season finale.

The 17-member hip-hop dance crew GRVMNT (pronounced “Groovement”) from Metro Vancouver is the only group representing B.C. in the finale.

At 18 years old, Alberts has been dancing hip hop with Fresh Groove Productions for 10 years. She started dancing after she saw a showcase by Fresh Groove.

“My parents saw how intrigued I was, and I was like, ‘wow, I want to try and do that, that’s so interesting,’” Alberts said.

“I started just taking some classes here and there, and eventually just fell in love with it.”

Burnaby South Secondary’s community support

Alberts says the Burnaby South Secondary School community, where she’s a Grade 12 student, is incredibly supportive of her dancing.

“People I don’t even know have come up to me recently, or … texted me through social media to say how much our group is inspiring and just how cool it is. There’s always been so much support within the Burnaby South community,” Alberts said.

Alberts’ GRVMNT crew mate Michael Wu said Alberts is the “mom” of the group.

“Shamira is basically a leader and she's just always there, making sure we're staying organized,” Wu said, noting that Alberts frequently leads stretches and warmups and cleans up at the end.

“I think she's kind of that big sister on the team for our younger members. But she's also kind of like the mom of the group. When I get annoying, she makes sure I get the job done,” he joked.

When she’s not competing, Alberts occasionally teaches kids’ dance classes and drop-in workshops for kids and teens.

Hip-hop crew GRVMNT dances with energy

At the audition stage of the Canada’s Got Talent process, GRVMNT won judge Lilly Singh’s Golden Buzzer, which sent the dancers straight to the semifinals. There, GRVMNT won the judges’ pick to get to the finale.

GRVMNT dances a high intensity style, landing stunts and flips with ease – then mixes it up with surprisingly suave and fluid moments. Wu describes the group as going from “a very high, very sensational feeling to just – oh my God, this is so chill – and then we bring it back up again.”

After their first performance, judge Howie Mandel told the group, “I really believe that what I just saw could win this entire season.”

When Alberts’ hair piece flew off in the middle of the second performance, Mandel noticed.

“I saw the hair fly, but she kept going,” he said.

Singh said she wants the group go all the way.

“You are the definition of preparation meets opportunity,” she said to the dancers.

Finale brings hope and excitement

GRVMNT is hoping to win the $150,000 prize to secure studio space. Currently, the group practises in what they call “Studio O” – that is, “Studio Outside,” in the rain and on pavement – or a dusty tool shop.

As the finale approaches, Alberts said she’s most excited to share the stage with her dance family.

“That's probably the biggest thing, just to have that one final moment on this stage to really show the audience and Canada and the judges what we have to bring, and to just showcase our love of dance to the world,” Alberts said.

The finale for season 2 of Canada’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 5 p.m. PST on Citytv. Guest judge Simon Cowell will appear.

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