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Revel in 'Mirrorball' art installation at Burnaby's Brentwood

Check out the the newest public art installation at Brentwood and pose for a photo with mirrored walls and 290 disco balls.

Step off the SkyTrain at Brentwood Town Centre and be met with a fountain adorned with piles and piles of disco balls.

Welcome to Mirrorball: this summer's public art installation at the Amazing Brentwood.

Seven different installations around Brentwood's Skybridge and outdoor plaza showcase a kaleidoscope of reflective art.

It's an Instagrammers' delight.

The team at the Amazing Brentwood invited local influencers to tour the installations.

One content creator making use of the new public art was Lydia Okello of Style is Style.

They noted while it's nice to have spots to make content, public art installations also offer artists access to large sites that artists might not otherwise have the chance to work in.

"I think (it's) a really great way to combine a lot of different creative practices, so that the artists get to feature their work in that space," they said.

They noted that public art is also free to experience.

"Something that's so exciting is it's actually for everyone. And I mean, when I was upstairs ... I saw little kids playing on the disco-ball bridge," they said.

"It's just really great to have things that bring joy and bring happiness, that don't cost anything or have a financial barrier."

There's 50 disco balls at the plaza's fountain and two "hanging clusters" of 240 disco balls are artfully arranged on the mall's Skybridge. Other installations feature 21 feet of mirrored ceiling panels.

Mirrorball is an installation based on reflection, celebrating the "joy and exuberance of summer 2022," according to Lennie Eulalia, marketing director at the Amazing Brentwood.

"We're very excited to continue introducing new and fun things for the Burnaby community," she said.

Eulalia said influencers offer a chance to educate the wider community on what Brentwood is about.

"People don't quite know what we have to offer yet, so being able to partner with some of these influencers ... will allow us to sort of leverage their audiences and get some eyes on what we have to offer." 

When asked if they had any tips on how to enjoy public art around town, Okello exclaimed:

"Just go!"

"Just look it up and go. I sometimes forget that there's so much available in Burnaby and Vancouver. ... Just go and experience it and take away from it whatever you want."

When: Throughout the summer
Where: The Amazing Brentwood (4567 Lougheed Hwy.)
Cost: Free

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