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What's filming in Burnaby this month?

What's in production in Burnaby now? Multiple locally set police procedurals this season and more TV movies.
What's filming now in Burnaby? There's many films and TV shows currently in production like Nicolas Cage thriller Longlegs and kids' favourite Goosebumps.

Burnaby is a film hot spot, with various production studios and natural landscapes. Burnaby has been the set for well-known films including Juno, She's the Man, The A-Team and Happy Gilmore. 

Simon Fraser University's Burnaby Mountain brutalist architecture also makes for the perfect sci-fi set: hosting productions like Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1 and the X-Files.

Many films are produced in local studios — Burnaby has about 60 per cent of the studio spaces around the Lower Mainland, according to the city.

Learn more about filming in Burnaby on the city's website.

What's filming in town now? Have you seen any of these actors out and about?

When Calls the Heart (Season 11)

What happens when a wealthy young schoolteacher moves out to a coal mining town in the west? This show weaves historical drama and romance together. 

  • Starring: Erin Krakow, Martin Cummins, Pascale Hutton
  • Location: 2448 Douglas Rd.
  • Wrap date: Nov. 7

Wild Cards (Season 1)

A Vancouver-based crime procedural featuring a gruff cop and bubbly con woman.

  • Starring: TBD. Directors include James Genn, Lee Rose, Shawn Piller and Winnifred Jong.
  • Location: 200-4084 McConnell Crt.
  • Wrap date: Oct. 27

Sight Unseen (Season 1)

A blind former homicide detective tracks down her unsolved cases with the help of a visual assistance guide, according to Hollywood North Buzz

  • Starring: TBD. Directors include Sharon Lewis, John Fawcett, Jem Garrard and Rachel Talalay.
  • Location: 8825 Northbrook Crt.
  • Wrap date: Nov. 15

Allegiance (Season 1)

Set in Surrey, the show follows a Sikh police rookie as she navigate her loyalties between her job, her country and her family.

TV movies filming

  • 31 Second Chances (dir. Lucie Guest)
  • Magic in Mistletoe (dir. Paula Elle)
  • Whitewater Romance (dir. Jason Bourque)

Wrapped since August 2022

  • Longlegs (with Nicolas Cage)
  • The Big Whoop
  • Goosebumps – Season 1 (Working title: Port Lawrence 93)
  • Yellowjackets – Season 2
  • The Good Doctor – Season 6
  • A Million Little Things – Season 5 
  • Alaska Daily (with Hilary Swank)
  • Straight Man – Season 1
  • Buddy Games 2
  • The Power – Season 1
  • The Watchful Eye – Season 1
  • Family Law – Season 3
  • The Dating Game (dir. Anna Kendrick)
  • Valiant One
  • Virgin River – Season 5
  • When Calls the Heart – Season 10
  • School Spirits – Season 1
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Season 1 (Working title: Mink Golden)
  • Worth Something (dir. Todd Holland, new media TV movie)
  • Calamity Jane
  • Carrot Cake Murder: A Hannah Swensen Mystery
  • In the Walls
  • The 12 Dares of Christmas
  • The Spin Cycle
  • Never Let Go (with Halle Berry)
  • Bad Genius
  • Final Destination 6: Bloodlines
  • All My Friends Are Dead
  • Worth the Wait
  • Fourth Down and Love (dir. Allan Harmon)
  • Love at the Bootcamp (dir. P.J. Naworynski)
  • Murdaugh Murders (dir. Greg Beeman)
  • Switched (dir. Monika Mitchell)
  • The Girl Who Caught a Killer (dir. Robin Hays)
  • Final Destination 6: Bloodlines