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Burnaby to run its own restaurant at iconic Horizons site with city’s best views

Burnaby runs several restaurants in the city
Burnaby says it will run its own restaurant at the old Horizons site on Burnaby Mountain. NOW file photo

The City of Burnaby is expanding its restaurant empire at an iconic site popular with tourists and lovers alike.

The NOW has learned that the city will run its own restaurant on Burnaby Mountain – the former site of Horizons, which closed in February 2020 after more than 34 years of service. The owners of Horizons were unable to come to a lease agreement with the city and closed up shop.

The site draws tens of thousands of tourists a year to visit the rose garden, trails and Playground of the Gods, which features powerful wood sculptures.

The site also has the best views in the city.

Instead of leasing the site to another restaurant group, the city is now renovating the former Horizons restaurant building, according to a statement from the city.

“This work includes investigating the building condition to ensure any issues from fires in the building’s past are fully remedied,” said the city, adding there were fires at the site in 2010 and 2016.

“As well, we will be updating and upgrading the facility with the intention to operate it as a city-run, full-service operation,” said the city, adding what model of restaurant has not been “fully fleshed out.”

Possibilities include a restaurant similar to Horizons or one geared more toward catering events such as wedding receptions.

“We are still developing a complete operating model for this facility, and will share the details once they are finalized. Meantime, we plan to offer visitors to Burnaby Mountain a grab-and-go café as a first step towards a full reopening of the facility in 2022.”

A city spokesperson didn’t know the cost of the renovation project as plans are still being developed.

The city currently runs several eateries through its Food Burnaby operation, including at the Riverway and Burnaby Mountain golf courses. Another food outlet is at the newly christened Christine Sinclair Community Centre.