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Personalized shopping experience at Mercedes is like no other

Mercedes-Benz Boundary offers a luxe shopping experience

I stood in front of the three-storey glass-fronted building and looked up at the large white Mercedes-Benz logo that seemed to float in the sky. I’d wanted a Mercedes-Benz ever since my dad let me drive his 450SL when I was a teenager.

Thoughts barraged my mind. “Is this the best use of my money? I’ve worked hard and will continue to, so I deserve a reward. I could get by with another utilitarian car like I have now. No, treat yourself.”

My wife couldn’t make it today, but said to get it if I found one I liked. I was happy to be alone because I’d get to make the decision; she always wanted white and I wanted dark for a change.“Why don’t I wait until we can pay cash and not have to make payments … like we’re ever going to have that money just laying around?”

I’d done my research — I know the model I want. There are a few local dealerships that have the vehicle within the two model years that I’m interested in. I chose to come to the Mercedes-Benz Boundary location first because I know people who bought cars here and they’ve said nothing but good things about their experience.

The glass entry doors slid open. I stepped into the expansive showroom and took in the rows of polished vehicles – vans at one end, sedans at the other. In the middle were a number of performance cars that I didn’t want to consider until my mid-life crisis (or when business went really, really well).

A young woman with a pleasant look and “Jennifer” on her name tag greeted me.

“I have an appointment with Adrien Bouchard.” I had been given the pre-owned manager’s name by a client who’d bought cars here and had set the meeting up.

“Would you like a latté, cappuccino or anything to drink?” Jennifer asked.

Before I could respond, a tall man in a black suit walked up to me, arm extended. “So you’re a friend of Carol’s?”

“Client, actually.” I shook his hand. “Good to meet you, Adrien.”

“I have a few models out front for you.” Adrien escorted me back outside.

“This place is massive,” I said, as we walked.

“Largest Mercedes-Benz dealership in Canada.” He had a proud smile.

We stopped in front of two GLC 300 SUVs that he’d brought out specifically for me.

“This one…” he indicated with his right hand, “is the one you were inquiring about. This one…” pointing with his left, “is two years newer and has fewer kilometres.”

I examined them both, while he gave me a list of features. Adrien was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and obviously good at what he did. It was comforting to work with someone who really knew their stuff.

I sat in the one I’d come to see and it looked and felt great. I had always loved the lines of that model.

Then I positioned myself inside the newer one. It was hard to explain, but I had a feeling of it being mine and imagined what trips would be like in it. I melted into the black leather seat. The controls were right where they needed to be; I was in a cockpit ready for take-off. The panorama roof, 360 degree cameras, blue light accents, all had the Mercedes style.

Starting the turbo four cylinder was a press of a button, but I couldn’t tell if the engine was lit, except for the indicators – it was so quiet. It wasn’t until I tapped the gas that the purr could be heard.

Adrien was going to guide me on a test drive. But that was just a technicality.

“Yes, this is the exact car I want and where I want to buy it from.”I couldn’t help but smile.