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$100k club doubled since '07

Annual report shows more than 100 city hall staffers earning above $100,000

Mayor Derek Corrigan is only one of 110 people at the City of Burnaby to be making more than $100,000 these days, and he isn't at the top of the pack.

The city manager, Rick Moncur, topped the list of City of Burnaby employees making more than $100,000 at $225,539.88 in 2010.

The number of staff members making more than $100,00 has more than doubled since 2007.

In 2009, 73 staff members made the list.

The city recently released its annual report detailing staff salaries and claimed expenses as part of its annual financial statements.

By law, the city must publish details of the salary paid to each employee earning more than $75,000, as well as expenses, and a total of salaries paid to all other employees earning under $75,000.

In all, the $75,000 plus club is comprised of 446 city employees.

The other top five paid employees include:

- Chad Turpin, one of the city's two deputy city managers, who made $194,145.70 and claimed $1,020.18 in expenses;

u Lambert Chu, the director of engineering, who made $180,610.90 plus $5,055.53 for expenses;

u Rick Earle, the city's second deputy city manager, who made $176,376.33 plus $2,205.49 for expenses;

u Basil Luksun, director of planning and building, who made $171,564.39 plus $5,055.53 for expenses.

In all, nine city staff members made more than $150,000.

These included:

u Recently retired Fire Chief Bob Cook, who made $169,701.82 and claimed $1,769.40 in expenses;

u Dave Ellenwood, the director of parks, recreation and cultural services, who made $161,313.78 and claimed $2,142.81 in expenses;

u Denise Jorgenson, director of finance, who made $163,199.64 and claimed $3,528.20 in expenses;

u Brian Sameshima, the city's chief information officer, who made $155,017.96 and claimed $615.42 in expenses;

u And Maurice Schmidt, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) program manager, who made $156,166.20 and claimed $153.94 in expenses.

The total amount for staff salaries over $75,000 paid out by the city in 2010 came to $41.655 million, with $334,817 for expenses.

All staff salaries under $75,000 came to a total of $79.662 million, plus $215,570 for expenses.

According to the report, there were no severance agreements for 2010.

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