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'Ballsy' Burnaby thief rolls up in ATV to rob vehicles (Video)

Do you recognize the thief in this video?
ATV thief robbery
A thief on an ATV in Burnaby.

A South Burnaby resident is looking for tips about a “ballsy” thief who rode up their driveway on an ATV before breaking into their vehicle.

Watch the video below and see if you recognize this person. This is not the first time this has happened. The resident who wrote the NOW didn’t want their address listed for fear of being targeted again.

“I am a South Burnaby resident, and our car has been broken into twice in less than two weeks,” the resident said. “The most recent break-in was caught on our home security camera with the thief riding into our driveway very boldly on an ATV. Furthermore, our neighbour’s car was also broken into two weeks ago, as well as other neighbours who reside on our street. However, we are not certain if it's the same thief. We have reported our break-in's to the RCMP, and have sent the videos. The fact that someone can be so bold and brazen to enter someone’s property without hesitation - it makes you wonder what else or more they can do?”