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Burnaby 2021 federal election candidate Q&A: Conservative Kelsey Shein

General voting day for Canadians is Sept. 20, 2021
Burnaby North-Seymour Conservative candidate Kelsey Shein.

With Canadians heading to the polls on Sept. 20, 2021, the NOW has sent Q&As to each candidate listed in Burnaby South and Burnaby North-Seymour. 

The same Q&A has been sent to each candidate and answers have not been changed or altered.



Question: What are your thoughts on the TMX pipeline project? Should it go ahead? Why or why not?

Answer: The Conservative Party will get the TMX built.  Oil will remain a foundational fuel for our economy for many years to come and getting Canada’s resources to world markets is vital to our economic future. Canada’s energy industry operates under the world’s toughest environmental standards. The Trans Mountain pipeline has been operating for 60 years without incident, and more than 20,000 tankers have left the Burnaby terminal and exited Burrard Inlet. Adding today’s new technologies to what is already a safely operating facility will only enhance environmental protections.

Question: What are your views on a snap election being called two years since 2019 and during the start of a 4th COVID-19 wave in Canada?

Answer: This is an unnecessary election, called by Justin Trudeau only to seek a majority government.  Canadians aren’t happy about it, and neither is the Conservative Party. Canada’s government should focus on protecting Canadians from this latest wave of Covid. This government should have also been focused on combatting the mass wildfires in our province as well as evacuating our allies safely and efficiently from Afghanistan. Let’s not forget that five months ago, our Conservative leader, Erin O’Toole, urged the Prime Minister to start getting our friends and allies out and to put in place a plan to re-settle them here in Canada. British Columbia is on fire, the 4th wave of Covid is here and we’ve bungled the evacuation of Afghanistan all so Trudeau could have his election.

Question: What are your views on climate change? What will you/your party do to address the worsening situation?

Answer: Since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister six years ago Canada’s carbon emissions have continued to increase.  Despite his talk and bluster about climate change his government’s efforts have not worked.  Conservatives are practical people; we get things done.  Our plan will meet the Paris 2030 targets by reducing emissions from industry, by introducing low carbon savings accounts for Canadians, by building infrastructure for zero emission vehicles, and by establishing carbon border tariffs to force action on major polluters like China. Our Conservative Party believes in Climate Change and we will take the action needed and wanted by Canadians.

Question: What do you currently think of the federal government’s COVID-19 response?

Answer: Canadians should be congratulated for the high rate of vaccinations in the country and for following public health recommendations; this has what has gotten us through the Covid pandemic so far. The Trudeau government’s management of the crisis has stumbled all along the way, from being too late to close our borders to haphazard and slow purchase of enough vaccines to a Covid app that didn’t work to a quarantine plan for returning Canadians that fell apart within weeks.  When we needed a competent government more than ever, the Trudeau team fell way short.

Question: What will you and your party do to address the housing situation, especially in the Metro Vancouver area?

Answer: I hear from people on the doorstep all the time that their kids can’t afford to buy a home in the riding. Our Recovery Plan has specific commitments to increase the housing supply (like freeing up 15 percent of the federal government’s real estate portfolio for new home construction) and committing to building 1 million new homes over the next three years. The Conservative Party will make home ownership more affordable by removing the stress test when renewing a mortgage with a new lender, increasing the limit for mortgage insurance, and by encouraging a new market in 7-to-10-year mortgages.

Question: Why should voters vote for you? What would you say to those undecided and debating not voting at all?

Answer: I’m a 31-year-old, proud Métis woman.  I am not a career politician.  I started a small business in North Vancouver, and my family has run a small business here for many years.  We’re a practical family and it is time for practical, effective government.  Justin Trudeau called an unnecessary election at the worst possible time — does he deserve re-election?  It is time for a new approach and new ideas, and new people. That’s why I am running, and I guarantee that I will earn your vote and your support every day. Have your say, and vote.