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Burnaby 'ready to welcome' Evo, Modo car-share in less than 2 months

Evo and Modo car-share users will be able to park throughout the city as of Jan. 1, 2024.
You'll be able to park an Evo car anywhere in Burnaby as of Jan. 1, 2024.

Car-sharers can rejoice as Burnaby city council unanimously approved new rules allowing car-sharing companies like Evo and Modo to park throughout the city.

The rules will take effect Jan. 1, 2024.

Car-sharing allows people to rent a vehicle for short periods of time (often by the hour) and is part of a growing trend in sustainable transportation, according to a staff report.

Burnaby follows neighbouring municipalities such as Vancouver, New Westminster and North Vancouver in approving car-sharing vehicles to park in metered spaces.

Benefits of car-sharing include reduced car ownership and off-street parking demands, according to the report.

Amy Choh, the city’s transportation director, said the next steps are to prepare agreements with Evo and Modo to allow them to operate in Burnaby.

She said Evo has indicated it will open up its fleet of 2,200 vehicles to come into Burnaby, as will Modo with around 76 vehicles.

“As soon as we have those agreements in place, we are ready to welcome the car-share companies,” Choh told council Monday, Nov. 6.

She added they’ll be able to park anywhere in Burnaby.

Burnaby's rules for car-sharing

The new changes will allow car-share vehicles to park on the street for longer than 24 consecutive hours.

The cars can also park on streets next to residential and commercial premises between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. for more than three hours.

The cars will be marked with a “shared vehicle decal,” which will cost the companies $50 per year per decal.

The car-share vehicles will be allowed to park at a metered space without payment or time limit, as long as other regulations are not violated.

The car-share organization must pay the city for the use of the metered parking space:

  • 70 per cent of the charges for time less than the meter limit
  • 100 per cent of the charges for time that exceeds the time limit

'Very encouraging news'

The new legislation follows through on a key promise in the Burnaby Citizens’ Association election platform.

BCA Coun. Alison Gu said allowing car share will be convenient for residents, adding it will make a big difference for carbon emissions.

“People will be empowered to not have to own a vehicle,” she said, because people can use public transportation, bikes, or other forms of transportation but can still access cars for certain trips like grocery visits, one-way trips and day trips.

OneBurnaby Coun. Richard Lee noted many local developers are including car-share memberships for two years or more as part of buying a new condominium.

BCA Coun. Daniel Tetrault said the changes were “very encouraging news.”

He said many young people have expressed their frustration to him that they can’t park an Evo in Burnaby.

Evo currently has three parking areas in Burnaby at Metrotown, Brentwood, BCIT and Simon Fraser University, but the cars cannot be parked anywhere else in the city. 

“Some of my Vancouver friends don’t come to visit me because they know they can’t park their Evo car here–” Tetrault said, before being interrupted by Mayor Mike Hurley.

“It’s an excuse,” the mayor said jokingly.

“Now they won’t have an excuse, at least,” Tetrault said with a laugh.

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