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Burnaby Asian food delivery app launches campaign to save restaurants

Fantuan wants to tell their stories
00crystal mall
A Fantuan food delivery driver waits to pick up an order at Crystal Mall.

Fantuan – the Burnaby-based food delivery app that specializes in Asian restaurants - has launched the “Our food, our people” campaign in May to support local businesses and in honour of Asian heritage month.

In this campaign, Fantuan will present restaurants from various cities with inspirational stories of the stores and the owners.

Participating restaurants will receive delivery fee support from the platform. Restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other cities in North America will be featured in this campaign.

“The challenges that restaurateurs have faced during the pandemic is nothing short of an obstacle,” said a news release. “However, some choose to react with optimism and hope. Thousands of restaurateurs are trying hard to make the best of the situation. They employ the staff they can, keep the kitchen open and try their best to keep the business running. There are always touching stories amid the difficulties. As the bridge between customers and local restaurants, Fantuan would like to showcase these restaurants and individuals on various social media platforms to raise awareness and to call for supports.”

Besides helping the restaurants to spread the words, Fantuan will also provide $5 delivery coupons for each restaurant to enable users to order through these restaurants.

The restaurant industry has been hit particularly hard due to the pandemic. Many cities made restrictions on in-person dining since 2020. According to USA Today, there were about 72,842 restaurants in the U.S. that closed down permanently just between June to July 2020.