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Burnaby Citizens Association reveals four new council election candidates

New candidates will join incumbents Alison Gu, Pietro Calendino, Sav Dhaliwal and James Wang on ballot.
Simone Brandl (top left), Reah Arora (top right), Daniel Tetrault (bottom left) and Antara Deb (bottom right) have been chosen to run for city council for the BC Citizens Association during the upcoming 2022 municipal election in October.

The Burnaby Citizens Association will have a total of eight city council candidates on the ballot during the upcoming municipal election in October after revealing the results of its recent nomination vote.

Antara Deb, Reah Arora, Simone Brandl and Daniel Tetrault will be joining incumbent councillors Pietro Calendino, Alison Gu, James Wang and Sav Dhaliwal in hopes of holding seats at the council table. 

“We’re thrilled to have these four proven community leaders join our incumbent councillors to help build a better Burnaby,” BCA president Leila Lolua said in a news release. 

“BCA and our team of council candidates is committed to making our diverse city more inclusive, and to addressing issues that matter to our residents.” 

Tetrault, a teacher and Burnaby Teachers' Association president, said in December that one thing that inspired him to throw his hat in the ring has been watching the city become less affordable.

“I have seen first-hand friends and neighbours leaving Burnaby because it has increasingly become an unaffordable place to live,” he said in a press release announcing his intention to run for council. 

“We need to protect what we love about our community and make sure that those that live in Burnaby can afford to stay in Burnaby. We also need to strengthen neighbourhoods to provide ready access to the services we all rely on – whether you are a senior who has lived in Burnaby your whole life or someone looking to raise a family, like me.”

The BCA says Reah Arora is a long-time Burnaby resident and social justice activist, with a deep understanding of community development. 

“I’m committed to fighting for a more progressive and inclusive Burnaby." 

Brandl is a program director with Burnaby Neighbourhood House and was also named Burnaby's outstanding citizen of the year in 2021. 

“I’ve witnessed firsthand how people are struggling to make ends meet as Burnaby has become an increasingly unaffordable place to live," Brandl said in a statement. "I want to be a community leader who puts people first.”

Antara Deb, board member of Burnaby's Stand with Asians Coalition, echoed similar statements of the other candidates, saying she wants to make Burnaby more affordable. 

“I’m committed to representing people’s voices at council, and to making Burnaby more affordable and inclusive for all." 

Burnaby school trustee Ryan Stewart was also vying for a nomination to run for council, but didn't make the cut.

General voting day is currently scheduled for Oct. 15, 2022.