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Burnaby condo on 'fire watch' after parkade floods due to water-main break

"Critical systems" are down and there's no timeline for reactivation yet. Residents affected are recommended to contact ICBC for vehicle damage or personal insurers if they can't occupy suites.
A Burnaby condo's parkade flooded in the early hours of March 27 at 4118 Dawson St. in the Brentwood neighbourhood.

A Burnaby condo tower is on "fire watch" after a major flood in its parking garage Monday damaged the building’s fire system.

The Burnaby Fire Department said a "large water main break" in the early hours of March 27 caused a flood in the parking garage at a condo in the Brentwood neighbourhood at 4118 Dawson St.

The building's strata management company Stratawest said it is doing its best to assist homeowners and strata council affected by the flood, according to vice-president Jason Kurtz.

"The water line loss is being investigated by the strata corporation's insurers for fault and causes," Kurtz told the NOW in a statement, adding "speculation (on the cause) is premature without a formal investigation having been conducted."

Kurtz said plumbers are still on site as of March 28, pumping water from the parkade and assessing the damage.

"Other technicians (fire, elevator, electrical, etc.) will likewise be required to assess damage and comment on necessary repairs before critical systems can be reactivated – a timeline has yet to be provided by any of the experts or trades involved."

"At this time, occupancy is still permitted however the building is on a 'fire watch' due to damage to the fire system." 

Kurtz said impacted residents should contact ICBC regarding damage to any vehicles, as well as their personal insurers if they cannot occupy their suites.

"For example, with the elevators out of order, residents with mobility issues may not be able to traverse the stairs," Kurtz said.

Photos of the flood were posted in a Reddit thread on Monday.

Residents are advised to check the strata's web portal to receive updates on when building systems will be reactivated.

– with files from Cornelia Naylor