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Burnaby cops nail ratrunners and more in this park zone

Burnaby RCMP tell drivers to slow down
This vehicle was impounded for excessive speeding at Cariboo Park in Burnaby.

Burnaby RCMP traffic officers nailed a large number of speeders during the May long weekend next to a local park.

Police tweeted about a speed trap set up next to Cariboo Park, at Cariboo Road and 10th Avenue. It’s a 30 km/h speed zone, but far too many drivers didn’t follow this.

In just a short time, police caught 11 speeders, including two who were excessively speeding. Five drivers were also caught for distracted drivers.

This is a brutal area for drivers violating the speed limit. Many are racing to get to 10th Avenue to go either east or west along this main thoroughfare.

A number of new measures have been installed around this intersection, with updated patterns for the traffic lights, plus a variety of barricades to funnel traffic into place.

The entire area is also popular with ratrunners racing around side streets. The message, as always, is to slow it down when you're driving past a park or a school zone.

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