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Burnaby COVID-19 vaccination rates inching closer to 85%

Burnaby Northwest has reached 85%
Burnaby is close to hitting an 85% vaccination rate in each of its four quadrants.

One Burnaby quadrant has hit an 85% COVID-19 vaccination rate with the other three areas not far behind. 

As of today (July 20), Burnaby's four areas have the following COVID-19 vaccination rates: 

  • Burnaby Northwest - 85%
  • Burnaby Northeast - 83%
  • Burnaby Southwest - 82%
  • Burnaby Southeast - 81% 

The latest update by provincial health authorities yesterday (July 19) showed 3,701,842 British Columbians have received at least one dose of vaccine. 

All of those are aged more than 12 years, with this representing what the government calculates as being 79.9% of the eligible population. Of these, 2,464,201 British Columbians, or 53.2% of the eligible population, is fully vaccinated with two shots. 

For those aged older than 18, the province has provided 3,499,069 first doses and 2,447,323 second doses of vaccine. The province calculates that this is 80.9% of B.C.'s adult population with one dose and 56.6% of B.C.'s adult population with two doses.

A total of 7,284 doses of vaccine have been provided in B.C. to either people who normally do not live in B.C., or to British Columbians who have since died, according to provincial data. 

As of this publication, there have been 148,487 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in B.C. since the start of the pandemic with 146,062 being classified as fully recovered. 

A total of 1,763 lives have been lost due to the virus. 

Ministry of Health officials will provide another written update this afternoon. 

- With files from Glen Korstrom, Business In Vancouver