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Burnaby doctors kick in $100,000 to fix up aging hospital

Doctors from all medical departments have set a goal to contribute $1 million of the $30 million committed by Burnaby Hospital Foundation toward the $1.3 billion expansion

Doctors are setting an example by making a personal donation to go toward the $1.3 billion expansion and transformation of the Burnaby Hospital campus.

Under the banner Physicians for a Bright Future, doctors from across all medical departments have donated approximately $100,000 into a set goal of $1 million, part of the $30 million committed by the Burnaby Hospital Foundation. The physicians are not alone, in a recent press release the hospital’s donor community, along with local businesses have made donations towards the cause. 

Dr. Paul Johar, an emergency department physician and MSA president is leading the donation charge.

“As physicians, we are obviously stakeholders in the welfare of this facility and we care a great deal about the major positive impact redevelopment will have on patient outcomes, and on the health of our community as a whole,” Johar said. “We are very pleased to take on this challenge, and the early enthusiasm from my colleagues has been outstanding.”

Speaking of colleagues, there are a few individuals whose fundraising efforts stand out in particular.

Dr. Tim Kostamo, an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital made an especially “cool” $9,500 when he pledged $100 for every second he could last in the frigid waters of Deer Lake last December.  

“Our doctors at Burnaby Hospital are second to none – absolutely world-class,” said foundation CEO, Kristy James. “I want to thank Dr. Johar for his leadership in this initiative, as well as so many individuals who have gone above and beyond in support of Burnaby Hospital.”

In early March the City of Burnaby also made a donation of $5 million to the Proud History, Bright Future campaign.

Community members interested in learning more about the redevelopment of Burnaby Hospital or who wish to make a donation of their own can visit the foundation’s website.