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Burnaby, New Westminster MPs hopeful of agreement between NDP and Liberals

Canada's Liberal and NDP parties have entered into Supply and Confidence Agreement to 2025.
[From left to right] Burnaby North-Seymour MP Terry Beech, Burnaby South MP and leader of the NDP Party of Canada Jagmeet Singh and New Westminster-Burnaby MP Peter Julian.

Federal politicians from Burnaby and New Westminster are sharing their views after the recent agreement reached between the Liberals and NDP, signalling a more stable government. 

On Tuesday morning (March 22), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh — also the MP for Burnaby South — both announced their parties had entered into a Supply and Confidence Agreement until 2025. 

The NDP said it will support Trudeau's government on confidence and budgetary matters, while the Liberals commit to governing for the duration of the agreement. 

Universal national pharmacare and a new dental care program for low-income Canadians were highlighted as key points by Singh and the NDP. 

"Voters have given this Parliament a clear mandate and do not want to endure needless delays in this important moment," an NDP release stated. 

"In these highly uncertain and difficult times, Canadians expect us to come together and get to work to help make their lives better.

"Both parties believe strongly in Parliament’s role to hold the government to account. Nothing in this agreement will undermine that critical function. The parties will not always agree. The government will pursue elements of its agenda that the NDP may oppose and nothing in this agreement prevents either party from doing that.

"Both parties will continue to seek to work with other parties in Parliament on the priorities that are the subject of this agreement and for other objectives." 

Other areas included in the agreement are climate change, affordable living, paid sick leave, reconciliation and the tax system.

"We cannot let our differences stand in the way of delivering what Canadians deserve," Trudeau said. 

Beech supports agreement

Beech, who was elected a third term as Burnaby North-Seymour MP in September 2021, issued a series of tweets yesterday afternoon (March 22) after the deal had been announced by both parties. 

"For over two years, Canadians have worked hard to overcome incredible challenges. Today, our community responds with the same resolve and resilience they have demonstrated since the pandemic began," he wrote. 

"In the face of these challenges, we are determined to build a better, more prosperous future for our kids, our country, and our world. In the last election, Canadians gave Parliament clear instructions: put people and families first, deliver results, and build a better future.

"This is what Canadians expect from their politicians. Today our government has entered an agreement with the NDP to deliver stable government until 2025. This agreement is not about compromising the core beliefs of either of our parties." 

Beech added it's about making sure the differences between the two parties don't stand in the way of progress being made for Canadians. 

"We will continue to engage in healthy debates and disagree on things." 

'The NDP will continue to hold the Trudeau government to account': Julian 

New Westminster-Burnaby MP Peter Julian echoed similar comments to Beech.

However, he added the deal is not "going to let the Liberals off the hook" and, with the agreement, are "forcing them" to deliver for Canadians.

"In these highly uncertain and difficult times, Canadians expect us to come together and get to work to help make their lives better," he said in a news release. 

"The federal NDP will get help to people through this deal. One year ago, Liberal MPs voted down the NDP’s Pharmacare Act. Nine months ago, Liberal MPs voted down the NDP’s dental care plan. Now we are forcing them with this agreement, to deliver both for Canadians. And more.

"The NDP will continue to hold the Trudeau government to account. The NDP is not going to let the Liberals off the hook and will pursue policies not secured in the deal — such as the NDP’s long-promised “wealth tax” on the ultra-rich." 

Julian also highlighted the pharmacare and dental aspects of the agreement, saying low-income residents and families in New Westminster and Burnaby will be able to see their dentists and get prescriptions "without worrying about how to pay for those bills."