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Burnaby residents invited to clean up the streets of Metrotown at 'extravaganza' event

Burnaby resident has organized several events that will include prizes for what you collect.
Several events are scheduled to pick up litter on Burnaby streets. (via Jennifer Gauthier)

Burnaby resident Martin Kendell has one goal in 2022: to make the City of Burnaby the cleanest municipality in the Lower Mainland.

Since June 2021, Kendell has been on a crusade to make the streets and parks of Burnaby a cleaner place. So far this year, he has single-handedly cleaned up over 450 pounds of garbage, which includes over 325 disposable PPE masks, he said.

“For the past 20 years, I’ve been proud to call Burnaby my home,” said Kendell, who also plans on running for city council in this October’s election. “However, the number one thing that’s always bugged me is the amount of litter casually strewn on the streets and in the parks around Burnaby.”

Now Kendell hopes to take his #CleanUpBurnaby Campaign to the next level by organizing at least four Community Clean Up Extravaganza events, starting on Saturday, April 16, in Metrotown.

Kendell is promising to make these events fun with various contests throughout the day.

Kendell is accepting donations of prizes from Burnaby businesses who would like to support these events.

He is hoping that certain businesses that cause the majority of the discarded litter in the community will step up and attach their name to this worthwhile endeavour.

Kendell told the NOW that “a maximum of 100 people are allowed to join in and help.”

In addition to the Metrotown event, three more clean-up events are tentatively scheduled for May 15 in the Brentwood area, June 11 in the Burnaby Heights area and July 2 at a location to be determined.

Anyone interested in participating in any of the events can register by sending an email to for more details.