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Burnaby school to turn dead vines into majestic warhorse artwork

Eco-arts company The Wizards of Makery will work with students at Cariboo Hill Secondary to create an eight-foot-tall warhorse or charger out of vines and twigs.

An eight-foot-tall warhorse crafted out of vines and twigs will soon grace the grounds of a Burnaby high school.

An artist from the eco-arts company The Wizards Makery will work with students at Cariboo Hill Secondary to weave dead vines that have been growing on the school building for years into the shape of a warhorse or charger, the school's mascot.

The Burnaby school board approved a request Monday, Oct. 23 from the school's parent advisory council to hire the artist.

The artist will design the sculpture, install an internal wooden frame and then work with students to weave the horse, according to a staff report.

The charger will be installed near the outdoor classroom area where it will be secured to the ground.

The same artist installed a similar eco-sculpture at Morley Elementary.

The Wizards Makery was also behind a collection of vine sculptures installed in Robert Burnaby Park in 2021.

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