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Burnaby students start petition to keep masks mandatory on campus

Student suffering from long COVID speaks out.
face-mask - Getty Images
Students at SFU in Burnaby are signing an online petition asking for the campus to continue to mandate face masks indoors. Getty Images.

Burnaby student Kayli Jamieson is upset that SFU has dropped its mask mandate, whereas UBC has the mask mandate activated until the end of the spring semester.

On March 11, the province of B.C. lifted the indoor public mask mandate. Langara College has also followed suit with masks no longer being a requirement in the hallways or classrooms.

Jamieson published a petition on and so far it has garnered over 360 signatures toward a goal of 500.

Her reasoning for making this petition is simple: “I am creating this as someone who wears several hats -- as a graduate student, a teaching assistant, and someone suffering from Long COVID who wishes to not see anyone else experience such symptoms. I know it has been a very difficult and very long 2 years but asking for masking until at least the end of the semester is honestly not asking for much. I want to return to a 'normal' just like all of you reading this---but only once there is confidence beyond a reasonable doubt that it will be safe for all.”

In her petition, Jamieson highlights scientific reasoning: “If SFU, as a research institution and respected University, wishes to uphold science and foster an equitable/just society, they would make a stance in this matter to signal they care about the SFU community.”

SFU student Senators are now petitioning SFU President Joy Johnson for a special meeting to keep the mask mandate in SFU classrooms.

A previous press release from SFU read: “Please be understanding and compassionate of people’s individual circumstances and individual choices about masks as we continue to cultivate a community of care. We anticipate that many members of our community will continue to prefer to wear masks in indoor spaces."