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City byelection candidate now running as independent in Burnaby South

Martin Kendell was also on the ballot for Burnaby's council byelection in June
Martin Kendell has announced he will run in Burnaby South for Sept. 20 federal election

A Burnaby resident is trying a second time this year to politically represent his city. 

Martin Kendell, who ran in June's Burnaby byelection, has announced his candidacy to run as an MP candidate for Burnaby South. 

As of publication, other candidates in the riding are Jagmeet Singh of the NDP, Likky Lavji for the Conservative Party of Canada and Maureen Curran running for the Green Party of Canada.

During the municipal byelection in Burnaby, Kendell announced he would not accept outside monetary contributions and would fund his own campaign. 

He says he will do the same for his federal campaign. 

"During the Burnaby municipal byelection, I found out that it was not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to get my campaign's message out," Kendell said in an announcement. 

"I found that I got the best results when I went out all over Burnaby and met people and spoke to them one-on-one, and had a chance to listen to them about their concerns about this community." 

Kendell added he wanted to ensure that voters in Burnaby had a chance to pick from an independent. 

"Burnaby South residents deserve an MP who will stand up for them in Ottawa about issues that matter to this community, such as finding proper solutions to provide sustainable and affordable housing in an overheated housing market.

"As well, Burnaby residents need an MP who will make sure that $10 a day child care becomes a reality in 2023, and that the federal government will make climate change an urgent priority before brutal heat domes and choking forest fires become a regular occurrence." 

Canadians are scheduled to head to the polls on Monday, Sept. 20.