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Corrigan gets hefty pay raise

Move to see Burnaby Mayor's remuneration brought in line with other mayors in region results in 17 per cent increase

Mayor Derek Corrigan received more than $145,000 in wages, benefits and travel allowance last year.

The information comes from the city's 2010 remuneration and expense report.

Corrigan made $114,031.06, a 17 per cent increase from his 2009 salary.

In July 2010, the city's indemnities committee determined the mayor was due for the raise to bring his salary in line with other mayors in the region. It was retroactive to January 2010.

He also received a $10,257.01 retiring allowance, a $12,757.28 transportation allowance, and $2,033.33 for cell phones, telephones, and fax and Internet costs.

Corrigan claimed $6,713.47 in travel expenses last year, down from 2009's amount, which was $9,187.59.

In comparison, Vancouver's Mayor, Gregor Robertson, received $139,395 in remuneration, or wages, for 2010. He claimed $3,201 in local expenses and his transportation allowance was $7,175. He claimed $12,026 for travel and conference expenses.

The bulk of Corrigan's travel costs for last year was the trip to China and Korea with other council members and city staff, at $5,130.53.

The other travel costs were for a Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Toronto in May ($247.47), a Union of British Columbian Municipalities conference in Vancouver in March ($52.50), the Lower Mainland Local Government Association annual conference in Harrison Hot Springs in May ($365.16), and a Heritage Society of B.C. Conference in Victoria in June ($917.81).

One councillor spent more on travel and conferences last year than all the others, including the mayor.

Coun. Sav Dhaliwal received a total of $66,155.02, including $11,749.24 for travel expenses to six conferences.

His salary was $44,016.96 in 2010, up 1.6 per cent from the previous year, the same amount as all the other councillors.

The councillor to claim the least amount of travel and conference expenses was Coun. Colleen Jordan. She claimed $327.50 for two conferences in 2010.

Jordan had the highest cell phone, telephone, fax and Internet costs at $2,497.27.

All councillors received a $3,600 transportation allowance for the first time, as only the mayor received a travel allowance in previous years. They also received a $4,283.22 retiring allowance, and varying amounts of acting mayor pay.

Coun. Pietro Calendino received $59,485.59 in total, including $5,167.53 for travel expenses to China and Korea in September.

Coun. Richard Chang received a total of $58,958.66, including $5,135.53 for travel expenses to Korea and China in September.

Coun. Anne Kang received a total of $57,141.27, including $3,3,261.39 for travel expenses to two conferences.

Coun. Paul McDonell received a total of $65,094.80, including $10,884.13 in travel expenses for six conferences.

Coun. Nick Volkow received a total of $55,938.77, including $1,001.68 for travel expenses to one conference.

Vancouver's city councillor indemnity rates ranged from $61,416, for Geoff Meggs, to $66,963 for Kerry Jang.

Travel expense claim totals for Vancouver's councillors ranged from $464 for Coun. David Cadman to $16,181 for Coun. Tim Stevenson.

Burnaby city council usually sets the indemnity, or salary, rate in August, when a panel of community representatives considers factors such as the consumer price index, B.C.'s average wage increases and pay rates for city hall's unionized staff. The committee then makes a recommendation to council.

Members of the public can pick up a copy of the remuneration and expense report for 2010 at city hall.

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