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VIDEO: Food carrier caught swiping Amazon package during B.C. delivery

A DoorDash delivery driver was caught on home security footage on Sept. 17, 2020 committing what appears to be a theft of the homeowner's Amazon package. (via Screenshot)

A DoorDash delivery driver got less than he bargained for in Surrey when he swiped an Amazon package from the doorstep of a hungry customer.

“It was a set of baby pacifiers,” explained Panorama Ridge resident Geraldine Vargas, who ordered dinner through the app Thursday night.

It wasn’t until after the meal that Vargas noticed her package – a gift for a baby shower – wasn’t delivered to her front door like Amazon specified.

She decided to review her home surveillance footage and was shocked by what she saw.

She saw the food delivery driver walk up to her front door, pull her order out of a red DoorDash bag, place it down, and stuff her Amazon package in it.

“My neighbourhood is very safe, I have never had anything stolen,” she told Glacier Media. “It was the DoorDash guy.”

Following the apparent theft, the suspect driver ran back to his car with Vargas' Amazon package in tow.

Vargas immediately alerted police out of fear that it would happen to others in the area.

“I have ordered more expensive things from Amazon too,” she stressed.

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Elenor Sturko confirmed a report of a stolen package in the area Thursday. She told Glacier Media the company wasn't forthcoming in disclosing the driver's information when asked by police.

"I don't know why any company would not want to help police in an investigation regarding a theft from one of their employees," Sturko said.

Vargas said the officer was directed by DoorDash telecommunications to fill out a form requesting the driver’s information.

Fortunately, the police have "other ways of getting the information," Sturko said.

As of Friday, no charges have been laid, the officer confirmed.

Glacier Media reached out to DoorDash about the matter.

Spokesperson Taylor Bennett confirmed Friday afternoon the delivery driver has since been "permanently deactivated" from the app.

"Given our privacy policy, we're unable to share personal information about the delivery workers without a subpoena or court order," Bennett explained about the company's unwillingness to disclose the driver's identity.