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Heartless thief steals Burnaby toy and food donations

The theft was either New Year's Eve or early New Year's Day
Pexels photo

Food and toys earmarked for a local charity were stolen by a heartless thief in Burnaby.

The NOW was notified of the theft, which took place either late on New Year’s Eve or early on New Year’s Day.

 “My company pickup was broken into and they stole a load of food donations and toys and personal items,” said the victim. “This food and toys were for poor families.”

The theft happened at 5862 Carson St. in Burnaby from a vehicle that has “Burnaby Blacktop” logos on it.

“The thief bought stuff with my tap at 7/11 on Royal Oak and Kingsway around 7 a.m.,” the victim said. “I just had picked up a full load of donations from one of our donation bins.”

The victim is looking for any information about the thief. People can call the Burnaby Blacktop office.