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Here are the events Burnaby is hosting for BC Culture Days 2023

These 11 events highlight another year of celebrating Burnaby's diversity through arts, crafts, dance and community.
paper crane, Brantford Park Elementary
The art of paper folding is one of many events Burnaby residents can bask in the city's artistic side for BC Culture Days.

BC Culture Days are here.

For three weeks, communities across the province are hosting community events, shows, presentations and gatherings in hopes the public can immerse themselves in the creativity and diversity right in their backyards.

This includes 11 events scheduled for Burnaby starting today, Sept. 23, most of which are taking place at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

"We are elated to witness how Culture Days organizers throughout the province are embracing the theme of accessibility in the arts," said Nazanin Shoja, BC Culture Days program director, in a statement.

"We anticipate that our events will foster a heightened awareness about inclusive practices in cultural programming, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse artistic community in B.C."

She added, this year, BC Culture Days is celebrating the province's expansive cultural landscape by putting the focus on a diverse group of B.C.-based emerging artists who are dedicated to making art that is accessible and inclusive to all.

For more information, you can visit the BC Culture Days website.

Burnaby is one of 50 cities participating for the 2023 edition of Culture Days, running provincially until Oct. 15.

The local events are as follows:

Musician in the Park

  • Shadbolt Centre for the Arts - South Plaza (6450 Deer Lake Ave.)
  • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    • Sept. 23 (today)

Relax in the gardens at the Shadbolt and enjoy the sounds of acoustic guitar.

A-Posing Patterns

Drawing demonstration by Shadbolt Instructor/Artist Golriz Rezvani.

In this workshop you’ll be tasked with drawing opposing patterns — a model in a patterned dress posed in front of a hand printed patterned background.

Easels and drawing material provided.

BAG on a Bike - Printmaking

  • Shadbolt Centre for the Arts - South Plaza (6450 Deer Lake Ave.)
  • 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • Sept. 23 (today)

BAG on a Bike is Burnaby Art Gallery’s fully functioning printing press on the back of an electronic bike.

This fun and interactive art-making experience brings people, art, and communities together. Make a print to take home!

Produce Pattern: Printing on Fabric

Textile artist and instructor Eleanor Hannan demonstrates fabric printing using fruits and vegetables. You’ll have the opportunity to create your own unique print to take home. Ages 5 and up. Time limit for activity: 20 minutes.

Note: children under 8 years old must be assisted by adult.

***In inclement weather some outdoor activities may be moved inside.

Measures of Time: Hand Building with Clay

Interdisciplinary artist Christian Nicolay demonstrates some of his handbuilding techniques with clay combined with watercolours, pencil, crayon and underglazes to produce trompe-l’oeil effects of weathered and worn-down everyday objects.

Christian was a Deer Lake Artist-in-Residence in the summer of 2022. His mixed media ceramic works Perpetual Navigation was exhibited at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in April 2023.

Paper Folding - Tian Jin Temple

Chinese Taoism Kuan Kung Association in Canada will be hosting the paper folding event - featuring the Lotus Flower folding art.

You are welcome to walk-in, tour the venue, have a chat with the volunteer and learn how to fold a Lotus Flower. The Lotus Flower will be gathered for use in our Autumn Fahui in early October.

Neighbourhood Speaker Series Tour of the Masjid al Salaam and Education Centre

  • Masjid al Salaam and Education Centre (5060 Canada Way)
  • 2:45 to 4 p.m.
    • Sept. 23 (today)

Learn about Islamic tradition, architecture and culture in this educational tour of the Masjid al Salaam mosque, a Muslim place of worship and prayer located kitty-corner from the Burnaby Village Museum.

Call 604-297-4565 to register. Space is limited.

Neighbourhood Speaker Series Truths Not Often Told: Being South Asian in Burnaby

In this curatorial talk and tour, learn about the history and diverse experiences of Burnaby’s South Asian Canadian communities. Through poetry, plays, family photographs and commissioned art, discover what makes this community unique.

Call 604-297-4565 to register. Space is limited.

World Rivers Day

Learn more about Burnaby’s rivers and natural resources. In partnership with 18 dedicated environmental community groups, performers and Indigenous Educators, the museum will open the whole site to celebrate Burnaby’s important waterways.

Free admission. Carousel = $2.65.

The Vault: Soda Firing Unload

See the Shadbolt’s pottery soda kiln (AKA The Vault) in action. The soda firing method uses baking soda ash to create atmospheric patterns and textures on pottery with unpredictable results.

You’ll get to watch local potters and ceramic artists unload the kiln and admire and critique their works, and then prepare the kiln for the next firing.

Jazz Jam

Hosted by the inimitable Cory Weeds of the Cellar Jazz Society, Jazz Jam features a stellar line-up of local jazz musicians in an improvised evening of music.

The Jam is open to musicians of all ages and abilities and offers a fun, informal and free opportunity to get your groove on with the best of the local jazz scene.