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Here's where to find the cheapest gas in Burnaby

Despite a slight increase, Burnaby hosts the current cheapest price for fuel in Metro Vancouver.
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Person set to insert their payment card into the fuel pump before filling up their vehicle's gas tank.

The slightly bad news: the cheapest price for gas in Burnaby went up by a single cent to $1.67 per litre.

The good news: that's the most affordable fuel available in Metro Vancouver today, Dec. 8, according to's latest report.

Burnaby motorists can find the price at the Super Save Gas along Kingsway, as well as the Canada Way Smart Gas (see full list below).

And just like last week, there's still four local stations offering less than $1.70 per litre, including two outlets that dropped four cents to get there.

The 6th Street Super Save Gas and North Road Esso endured the biggest decline in the last seven days, falling to $1.68 and $1.69 per litre respectively.

Burnaby's average price for fuel also dipped to $1.70 per litre — one cent less than $1.71 from last Friday, Dec. 1, and a dip of five cents from two weeks earlier, $1.75 per litre.

The most affordable gas in Metro Vancouver is $1.67 per litre, and can be found in at the 200 Street Super Save Gas in Langley.

Quesnel's Super Save Gas station, at $1.48, holds the title for a consecutive week as B.C.'s cheapest outlet, according to

The Esso and Circle K along 1st Avenue in Chilliwack is the least expensive fuel within driving distance of Burnaby, offering exactly $1.50 per litre.

Burnaby's top 10 cheap fuel prices

The following prices are the best available in Burnaby as of 10:30 a.m. today: