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Here's where to find the cheapest gas in Burnaby

Burnaby prices are still above $2 a litre, but not as high as a week earlier.
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Person inserting their payment card into a gas station pump.

Believe it or not, gas is cheaper in Burnaby this week.

And while stations are still offering prices at above $2 per litre, most of the local outlets recorded decreases of at least three cents, according to's latest report.

The least expensive number is $2.03 per litre at three stations (see list below), including Super Save Gas on 6th Street, as well as Kingsway.

That's a decline of five cents from $2.08 per litre at those stops from last Friday, April 12.

The price of $2.03 per litre, which went unchanged as the cheapest in Burnaby, is the third lowest in Metro Vancouver. The city's average price dropped three cents to $2.05 per litre.

A three-cent increase in carbon taxes that took effect April 1, a seasonal switch to summer blend gasoline, and generally strong global oil prices, have combined to push prices at the pump across the Metro Vancouver region.

Gasoline prices generally rise in the summer because refiners switch to a summer blend, which is slightly more costly to produce, and because the demand for gasoline increases in summer when Canadians start travelling more.

B.C. motorists in the north, central and Okanagan regions are reeling in the feeling of paying for cheaper gas compared to the lower mainland.

The most affordable gas in the province is listed at $1.65 per litre at three gas stations — one in Quesnel and two in Salmon Arm — according to

Others range from $1.66 to $1.69 in communities like Prince George, Kamloops and Fort Nelson.

Burnaby's top 10 cheap fuel prices

The following prices are the best available in Burnaby as of 11:30 a.m. today:

- with a file from Elana Shepert, Vancouver Is Awesome