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Here's where to find the cheapest gas in Burnaby

Gas prices are close to the same in Burnaby compared to one week ago.
Gas pumps.

Burnaby gas prices have stayed relatively the same compared to last week, according to

The cheapest place to fill your tank is Smart Gas (6869 Canada Way) for 173.9/L.

Prices elsewhere are relatively the same, but there is one B.C. gas station offering fuel for less than $1.60 per litre. lists Cranbrook's Centex stop on Mission Road with a price of $1.59 per litre.

As well, as of this publication, there are six outlets in Chilliwack — 85 km east of New Westminster on Highway 1 — selling gas for $1.60 and $1.62 per litre.

Burnaby's top 10 cheap fuel prices

The following prices are the best available in Burnaby as of this publication:

  • 173.9/L@Smart Gas (6869 Canada Way) 
  • 176.9/L@Super Save Gas (6591 Kingsway)
  • 176.9/L@Super Save Gas (5608 Kingsway) 
  • 176.9/L@Super Save Gas (7377 6th St.) 
  • 176.9/L@Esso and 7-Eleven (5059 Canada Way) 
  • 176.9/L@Esso and Smart Stop 24/7 (4444 Kingsway) 
  • 178.5/L@Canco and Husky (5720 Hastings St.) 
  • 178.9/L@Chevron and On the Run (4692 Imperial St.) 
  • 178.9/L@Chevron (3030 Boundary Road)
  • 178.9/L@Chevron and On the Run (3826 Canada Way)