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He's in: Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley will seek re-election in 2022

General voting day is scheduled for Oct. 15, 2022
City of Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley.

Mike Hurley will be seeking re-election in the upcoming 2022 municipal election, his office has confirmed to the NOW

General voting day is currently scheduled for Oct. 15, 2022, which will see one mayor, eight councillors and seven school trustees elected for four-year terms from November 2022 through to October of 2026. 

Hurley will be seeking his second consecutive term as mayor, originally being elected in 2018 when he received 26,260 votes, beating former longtime mayor Derek Corrigan (20,333 votes). 

Helen Chang and Sylvia Gung were the other candidates on the ballot to become mayor. 

Councillors who were elected in 2018 were as follows: 

  • Dan Johnston - 19,930 votes
  • Pietro Calendino - 19,707 votes
  • Sav Dhaliwal - 19,625 votes
  • Colleen Jordan - 18,787 votes
  • James Wang - 17,839 votes
  • Paul McDonell - 16,760 votes
  • Nick Volkow - 16,008 votes
  • Joe Keithley - 15,745 votes

In June of 2021, a by-election was held to fill roles left vacant by the deaths of McDonell and Volkow. 

Burnaby Citizens Association candidate Alison Gu was the overall winner by a large margin, receiving 4,994 voters (19.36 per cent). 

Independent Mike Hillman would finish with 3,227 votes (12.51%) and claim the second open seat. 

But it was extremely close for Hillman, who only beat out Gu's running mate Baljinder Narang by 0.48% (12.03%). 

Former councillor Lee Rankin also came close to Hillman, receiving 11.87% of the vote (3,061). 

Voter turnout was extremely low, seeing just 13,518 voters cast a ballot out of a registered 161,772 voters, which equates to a percentage of 8.36%.